Prichard Lake

Prichard Lake [and other Lakes]

Prichard Lake is one of the jewels of Sugarloaf Park and a destination of choice for Park visitors

ACCESS TRAILS: Les Montagnards # 2 & 3 [biking, hiking, cross country skiing] and #5 [snowshoeing and hiking] will all bring you to the lake. PICNIC: Two picnic areas are close to the lake, one located at the Western end of the lake close to the cemetery and another on a platform over the lake at the Eastern end.

TO GO AROUND THE LAKE, two possibilities. Trail #6: Single 3 km track and narrow circling the lake very close to the water’s edge. Trail #3: Wide trail, ± 3,2 km climbing to the uplands on each side and back down to each end of the lake.


THE HISTORY OF THE PRICHARD FAMILY: The gravestones, close to the Western picnic area of the lake, remind us there once lived a family – the Prichard family – near this crystal clear body of water. The Prichard family lived at the lake from 1880 to 1960.  Read the wonderful life stories of the Prichard family at Prichard Lake.




READ Mr. Harold Prichard’s Memories

READ A Vivid Description of Life at Prichard’s Lake

PROTECTED AREA: The Prichard Lake and Smith Lake Watershed Basin is a protected area and is the source of the City of Campbellton’s water supply [NB Clean Water Act]. No person shall swim or fish in the waters flowing into or from Smith Lake or Prichard Lake in Sugarloaf Provincial Park, or in those lakes, the big reservoir in the Park.

OTHER LAKES: Besides Prichard Lake, three other important bodies of water can be found in the Park: Smith Lake, the big reservoir, the small reservoir.


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