Sugarloaf Park offers 25 kilometers of hiking [walking] trails.

THE TERRY FOX TRAIL [4 km • Loop]: This is the most popular trail in the Park and circles the base of Sugarloaf Mountain. This trail is accessible to all levels of abilities. Access this trail by taking a left shortly after entering the Park. The very wide and crushed rock base Terry Fox trail offers a very pleasant stroll with beautiful views of the mountain. CONNECTIONS TO OTHER TRAILS: The hiking trail to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain is accessible from the Terry Fox trail [Eastern section] and the Restigouche Trail to Campbellton [Northeastern section].

THE SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN TRAIL [± 5.5 km round-trip from the start of the Terry Fox trail]: Start from the Terry Fox trail left of Park entrance. Taking the Southern section [right], ± 2 km to connect, left, with the Sugarloaf Mountain trail. Hike up a hidden path to the summit of Sugarloaf. This rewarding trail of ± 0.8 km is steep but enjoyable. The trail is accessible to children accompanied by adults. At the top, you will find a viewing platform. Be sure to bring your camera as you will find a most beautiful panoramic view.


THE WHITE PINE TRAIL [± 2 km • Loop] Accessible at the left shortly after entering the campground. For campground users, this trail is accessible from various points in the campground [See Campground Map]. The enormous pine [Southern section] and a great view point of Sugarloaf Mountain [Northern section] are some of the features of this nature trail.

LES MONTAGNARDS HIKING TRAILS [± 17 km] : Located in the Park’s uplands, this trail system borrows the winter cross country ski and snowshoeing trails. Five marked trails [#1, 2, 3, 5 & 6], wind through beautiful mountainous terrain and around Prichard Lake, one of the Park’s jewels. ACCESS THIS TRAIL SYSTEM BY USING THE CHAIRLIFT: Take the lift [when in operation] to the top of the alpine ski hill then connect on the left with trail #1 of LES MONTAGNARDS, 1.6 km to the x-c ski shelter then take trail #2 or #5, connect to trails #3 or #6 circling the beautiful Prichard Lake. OR ACCESS this trail system by following the dirt road [drive or walk for 2 km] passing in front of the campground entrance and ending in the parking lot close to the x-c ski shelter.

RESTIGOUCHE TRAIL: Sugarloaf Park is the central point of the local RESTIGOUCHE Trail, a shared-use cycling and hiking trail connecting the Park with local communities. The trail is wide with a fine crushed rock base. Starting from the Park, here are some possible hikes: CAMPBELLTON WATERFRONT HIKE [View PDF Map] [±10KM • Round-trip]: Take the Terry Fox Trail near the entrance of the Park. At the Northeastern portion of the Terry Fox trail, an intersection connects with the Campbellton Restigouche Trail bringing you along Walker Brook, and to the spectacular waterfront in Campbellton. ATHOLVILLE BIRD SANCTUARY HIKE [± 12 KM • Round-trip): Take a right exiting the Park entrance. After the 90º left curve, cross the road to reach the Restigouche Trail following the left side of the road. From there, follow the Google map. At Point D: the Atholville boom and the estuary of Restigouche River, picnic area and bird sanctuary. Finish at Point E: Bird observation platform. MORE INFORMATION ON THE RESTIGOUCHE TRAIL

INTERNATIONAL APPALACHIAN TRAIL: [Google Map to Matapedia]: At Matapedia, [QC] a 30 minute drive from Sugarloaf Park, explore a section of the International Appalachian Trail [IAT]. This section offers day hikes and possibilities of overnight hikes in shelters. Overhanging the village of Matapedia, the "course of the two rivers", offers an astonishing point of view on the meeting of the Restigouche and Matapedia rivers and a vision of the Appalachian mountains rock formation. LINK TO MORE INFORMATION about this section of the IAT. More info about the IAT on Wikipedia

POINTE-A-LA-CROIX ORNITHOLOGICAL TRAILS [Hiking and Biking] [Google map from the Park to the trails] : Just a few minutes drive from the Park, the Pointe-à-la-Croix [QC] ornithological trails traversing protected marshes and the wetlands of the Baie au Chêne. Access this trail at point C or D of the Google map. LINK TO A MAP OF THE TRAILS


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