Road Biking

Very Scenic Road Biking!

From Sugarloaf Park, a great variety of cycling runs are possible. There are circuits featuring the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountain Range, scenic Restigouche River and our communities. All circuits start and end at the Sugarloaf Park entrance.


THE SCENIC RESTIGOUCHE RIVER CIRCUIT [±55KM • Round-trip] Take a right upon exiting the Park. This circuit will bring you along the Restigouche River, world famous for Atlantic salmon fishing. POINTS OF INTEREST: Point B: Take the “boom” road and discover the estuary of the river, picnic, bird sanctuary; Point C: Tide Head beach [swimming possible]; Point D: Morrissey Rock Park, picnic, viewing area of the islands; Point E : Interprovincial bridge crossing to Matapédia (QC) ; Point F : The rafting grounds, the main arrival point of canoes descending the Restigouche [swimming possible].

THE SUMMIT OF ACADIA CIRCUIT [±40 KM • Loop] Take a left upon exiting the Park. This circuit will bring you to the scenic valley of Val d’Amours, to Malauze, Saint-Arthur, McKendrick (Point G), the highest inhabited point in New Brunswick, located at 1,250 feet above sea level. Abrupt hill from point C & D and from F & G. From Point G, ± 10km of descent passing by Val d’Amours and back to Sugarloaf Park.

THE BAIE DES CHALEURS AND BEACH CIRCUIT [±70 KM • Loop] Take a right upon exiting the Park. This circuit will bring you along the Restigouche River and to the Bay of Chaleur. POINTS OF INTEREST: Point C: Campbellton waterfront, Salmon Plaza, 8.5 meter stainless steel model of the region's famous salmon; Point D: Old Campbellton wharf; Point E: Trépannier beach just after the cemetery, in McLeod’s; Point F: Dalhousie Inch Arran Park and beach; Point G: Eel River Mi’kmaq First Nation and ± 1KM sand bar; Point H: Charlo Beach. Back to the Park on Route 11.


RESTIGOUCHE TRAIL: Sugarloaf Park is the central point of the local RESTIGOUCHE Trail, a shared-use cycling and hiking trail connecting the Park with local communities. The trail is wide with a crusher fines base. Here are the possible circuits from the Park. CAMPBELLTON WATERFRONTCIRCUIT [PDF] [±10KM • Round-trip]: Take the Terry Fox Trail near the entrance of the Park. At the Northeastern portion of the Terry Fox trail, an intersection connects with the City of Campbellton’s Restigouche Trail bringing you along Walker Brook, and to the spectacular waterfront in Campbellton. THE ATHOLVILLE • TIDE HEAD RIVER CIRCUIT [± 20 KM • Loop): Take a right upon exiting the Park. After the 90º left curve, cross the road to reach the Restigouche Trail following the left side of the road. From there, follow the Google map. At Point C: the Atholville boom and the estuary of the river, picnic area and bird sanctuary. From Point E to F, the trail takes a route different than the one on the Google map, traverse a residential area in Tide Head and then along beautiful Christopher brook. From Point F follow Route 11 back to the Park.


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