About our Club and our Web site

The members of LES MONTAGNARDS Outdoors Club are proud to present their Web site dedicated to the promotion of outdoor activities at OUR SUGARLOAF PARK.

Covering an area of 11 square km, Sugarloaf Park is the second largest provincial park in New Brunswick. Days and seasons of outdoor adventure await you year-round at our Park.

Our Web site is designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts all the information they need to discover SUGARLOAF PARK, the four season outdoor destination in the province of New Brunswick [Canada].

The icon of the Club and the Park, Sugarloaf Mountain, is an ancient volcano and a dominant landmark of Northern New Brunswick. Climbing Sugarloaf Mountain is a means for area residence to initiate their children to the joys of the outdoors. Be sure to climb Sugarloaf Mountain on your next visit to the Park and discover the scenic beauty of the Restigouche.

LES MONTAGNARDS club is a community of volunteers inviting the regional population and visitors to experience the pleasures of active living and the outdoors in the magnificient nature of YOUR SUGARLOAF PARK, located two minutes from an urban centre.

The Club is a focal-point for individuals interested in the development of following outdoor activities at OUR SUGARLOAF PARK, including but not limited to: cross-country skiing , snowshoeing, biking, hiking. Follow those links to discover the great outdoor trails and activities offered by YOUR SUGARLOAF PARK. Days and days of outdoor adventures await you year-round.

Become a member of LES MONTAGNARDS Outdoors Club and help one of the Club’s committee [cross country ski, snowshoeing, biking or hiking] organize outdoor activities in the Park. Each committee is dedicated to developing its outdoor activity in OUR SUGARLOAF PARK.


Since it was created in 1980, LES MONTAGNARDS Outdoors Club has been a FRIEND OF SUGARLOAF PARK located in Atholville, New-Brunswick [Canada].

At its beginning, the sport activity of choice was cross-country skiing and gradually the Club integrated other outdoor activities such as biking, snowshoeing, and hiking. Most of our members practice all of these activities to fully take advantage of the immense outdoor resource OUR SUGARLOAF PARK has to offer in all seasons.

Board of Directors

LES MONTAGNARDS Outdoors Club is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of the following persons:

Bruno Bélanger, President

André Boissonnault, Secretary-Treasurer

Georges Bourdages, Vice-president

Jean-Frenette, Director

Nancy Bélanger, Director

Dorique Roy, Director

Georges Roy, Director

Delphez Fallu, Director

The members are convened to an annual meeting once a year to elect directors and discuss the priorities for the coming years.

Club Objectives

Group individuals interested in the practice of leisure or competitive outdoor activities at Sugarloaf Park and in the region

Identify common objectives leading to the development of outdoor activities at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the region

Promote the outdoors and active living at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the region by organizing events, groups outings and activities

Facilitate the distribution of information on outdoor activities at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the area, mainly through the Internet

Support skills development for outdoor and adventure activities of members by organizing training seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.

Support the development of athletes and the certification of officials and coaches

Collaborate with Sugarloaf Park to promote the development of outdoor activities and infrastructures of Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the region

Collaborate with outdoor groups, area communities and the tourism industry to develop outdoor infrastructures and tourist visitation at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in Restigouche.

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