Welcome to The Montagnards Outdoors Club Chalet

Sugarloaf Provincial Park welcomes you the chalet of Les Montagnards Outdoors
Club which has been working to develop outdoor activities at the Park since 1980.
The chalet is accessible to cross-country ski, snowshoeing, outdoors and annual Sugarloaf Park season pass [those season passes are considered the membership cards of Les Montagnards Outdoors Club through a unique formula giving members independent access to the chalet. The chalet is intended to be a place for members to rest during their activities and for hosting events organized by the Club or Park. The Park and the Club wish you a pleasant stay and invite to be respectful of the chalet and the Park’s respectful environment.


Chalet Rules


2. RIGHTS TO ACCESS THE CHALET: The persons holding a valid Sugarloaf Park cross-country ski, snowshoeing, outdoors or four season pass which are considered as the Montagnards Outdoors Club membership cards have the right to have access to the chalet.

3. ACCESS KEY STRICTLY RESERVED TO MEMBERS: As defined in rule 2., the members of Les Montagnards will be eligible to receive an access key to the chalet. A deposit of $10 is required to obtain an access key. The members must return their access key to the Park administration at the latest one month after their season pass has expired to receive their deposit. The access key will work during the chalet’s opening hours. Each access key is associated with a member to whom it is assigned. The computer program follows and identifies every access key entering or exiting the chalet. This system has been chosen in order to simplify the management of the chalet while giving members maximum access.

3.1 Members are forbidden to lend their access key to another person. If a member lends his or her access key to another person, this member will lose his or her access rights to the chalet for one year.

3.2 A member who loses his or her access key is required to advise the Park administration immediately by calling 789-2366.

3.3 It is forbidden for a member to grant access to the chalet to anyone without an access key.

4. SECURITY SYSTEM: The chalet is protected by an alarm system and video cameras. It is strictly forbidden to voluntarily attempt to disrupt the chalet security system.

5. MEMBERSHIP CARD: Members must have their membership card in their possession when they are using the trails and chalet.

6. GUESTS: Only members with an eligible season pass have the right to access the Montagnards Chalet.

7. OPENING HOURS: The access key will allow access to the chalet between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

8. CLOSING HOUR: Members must leave the chalet by 8:00 pm unless they are participating in a scheduled outdoors activity organized by the Montagnards or Sugarloaf Park.

9. SOUND SYSTEMS, RADIO, TV OR OTHER ELECTRONIC SOUND SYSTEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CHALET or its surrounding unless it is part of a special activity organized by the Club or the Park.

10. ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED in the chalet.

11. ITS IS PROHIBITED TO SMOKE IN THE CHALET and within a 30 m distance from the chalet. Members are encouraged not to smoke in the Park during their outdoor activities. Breathe the fresh air!

12. OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT PROHIBITED INSIDE OF THE CHALET: Members must leave their equipment [i.e. cross-country skis, snowshoes, etc.] outside the chalet. Members can wax their skis inside the chalet or adjust their snowshoes in the chalet but must then put them outside.

13. USE OF HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES IS PERMITTED: Members can use the electric stove and the refrigerator but must clean afterwards.

14. PLEASE LEAVE NO TRACE OF YOUR PRESENCE IN THE CHALET: Please take back with you what you have brought in the chalet [i.e. garbage, equipment]. The Montagnards adhere to the LEAVE NO TRACE program [check the Internet for more info]. It‘s your chalet so please take the initiative and do a bit of cleaning!

15. WOOD STOVE: Members can use the wood stove and add wood to keep the fire going. Once the fire is burning well please close the air vents and take advantage of the slow combustion heat. Please do not put more than three pieces of wood [3] in the stove at the same time.

16. MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BELONGINGS: The Park and the Club are not responsible for any personal belongings left unattended in the chalet.


18. NO LOITERING: The chalet is strictly intended to be a rest and meeting place during outdoor activities.



20.1 THE SEASON PASS IS COMPULSORY to access the cross-country ski trails and must be visible at all times.

20.2 IT IS PROHIBITED TO WALK OR SNOWSHOE ON THE CROSS-COUNTRY SKI TRAILS except where the snowshoe trails cross the cross-country trails.

20.3 DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED on the cross-country trails.

20.4 SNOWMOBILES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED on cross-country ski trails. Snowmobiles must remain on the designated snowmobile trails.

21. NO DOGS OR PETS are allowed in the chalet except for guide dogs.



24. ORGANIZING OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES AT THE CHALET: The purpose of the chalet is to support the development of outdoor activities organized in the Park. Club Members who wish to use the chalet to organize an outdoor activity or special event must contact the Montagnards at 753-3422.

25. PARK SECURITY: You may reach Park security during the day at 789-2366 [8 am to 4 pm] or at 790-1408 during evenings.

26. CHALET TELEPHONE: For emergencies only.

27. PRIVATE FUNCTIONS: The Park and Les Montagnards Club reserve the right to host private functions in the chalet which may occasionally limit members’ access to the chalet.

For more information about the Montagnards chalet, please contact les Montagnards at
753-3422 or the Park at 789-2366.

Thank you for your cooperation in respecting these rules, enjoy your chalet and the
great outdoors of Sugarloaf Provincial Park, your park!