Les Montagnards

Friends of the park since 1978

Les Montagnards Outdoor Club has been working on the development of outdoor ADVENTURES at the Park since 1978.

The Montagnards work closely with the Sugarloaf Park management to coordinate the maintenance, development and promotion of the Montagnards trails. This partnership has enabled over the years significant developments in this great outdoor area.

Become a Member

The members of the Club are the holders of the annual cross-country ski, snowshoeing, hiking and biking passes.

Weekly Activities

Autonomous access to Sugarloaf Park cross-country ski, snowshoeing, and outdoors for annual pass holders.

Become a Member

Benefits of a Annual Membership:

  • Right to the KEY giving ACCESS to the MONTAGNARDS CHALET
  • Voting rights at the annual meeting
  • Right to be elected to the Club Board of Directors
  • Active participation in the development of the outdoors in the Park and in the region
  • Free access or discounts to certain Club activities

Membership Rates :

  • Annual (for all sports year round) :
    • $60 – Adult
    • $50 – Student or Senior
  • Snowshoeing (only)
    • $30 – Adult
    • $25 – Student or 65+

Get a club pass at the Sugarloaf Ticket Office 

Objectives of the Club

  • Group individuals interested in the practice of leisure or competitive outdoor activities at Sugarloaf Park and in the region
  • Identify common objectives leading to the development of outdoor activities at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the region
  • Promote the outdoors and active living at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the region by organizing events, groups outings and activities
  • Facilitate the distribution of information on outdoor activities at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the area, mainly through the Internet
  • Collaborate with Sugarloaf Park to promote the development of outdoor activities and infrastructures of Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in the region
  • Support skills development for outdoor and adventure activities of members by organizing training seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Collaborate with area communities and the tourism industry to develop outdoor infrastructures and tourist visitation at Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere in Restigouche.

Board of Directors

The MONTAGNARDS Outdoor Club Inc. is currently managed by a Board of Directors composed of the following people:

  • Ken Bouchard, President
  • Andrée Marchand, Vice-President
  • Marie-Josée Cyr, Secretary
  • France Renault, Treasurer
  • Michelle Arseneault, Director
  • Danyka Leclair, Director
  • Daniel Charest, Director

Annual General Meeting

Members are called once a year to the Annual General Meeting which is held in May of each year to report activities to members, discuss future priorities and to elect directors.